Name Analysis

What does my name mean? Your name can reveal so much fascinating information about you, from what your ideal career is to insights into your path in life, why you are here, your love life and more. It sounds crazy that your name can tell us all this about you doesn't it? It's not magic though, it's based on a very old mystical science called numerology. This is a numbers based system. When you think about it our whole universe is based on numbers, and scientists today agree with that.

So, when you ask, what does my name mean, a numerologist will write down your full birth name and date of birth. They will then assign the relevant number to each letter of your name. For example, the letter A is a 1, the letter D is a 4, so is the letter M. They know the numerical value of each alphabet letter.

There are then a whole set of calculations to do to work out the different numbers for each major area of your life.

The name analysis can then begin because each number has an in depth meaning.

The numerologist will then create your name meaning report using all the meanings of the numbers your name and date of birth create.

You can use this information to help you for your entire life. You can see where your strengths are, what your weak points are (and decide how to improve them). You can see what career you should follow and so much more.

Your name analysis is like a roadmap, helping you navigate the best path through life to achieve the best life for you.

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